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when to harvest sweet cherry

A standard sweet cherry tree produces 30 to 50 quarts of fruit a year, while a dwarf tree yields 10 to 15 quarts, according to the National Gardening Association. The trick is to know when to harvest sweet cherry. If you harvest sweet cherry too early, you get a smaller fruit of poor color and taste. If you harvest too late, you get soft fruit that is prone to decay, stem browning and pitting. The timing of harvest depends on your location and the cultivar, or type of sweet cherry you are growing. If you are in doubt, evaluate your fruit like the pros do and look at the color, taste, firmness and size.
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Look for a well-colored sweet cherry crop to appear in July. To meet U.S. minimum maturity standards, 95 percent of the cherry must represent the typical color for the varie
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when to harvest sweet cherry



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